iPods iPhones and Gadgets oh my

Last week I had an opportunity to take a stroll through the financial district of San Francisco, and I saw a LOT of people walking around with there phone in front of them texting, or emailing, or webrowsing or somesuch. A good portion of those phones were iPhones.

Here in Curitiba I have had lots of opportunities to stroll though areas with high pedestrian traffic (the financial district is a ghost town in comparison) and while nobody holds there gadgets infront of them, I do see a lot of people with ear buds in there ears. Most of the earbuds that I see are white, but they are not Apple earbuds. Being an Apple fan, I know what they look like, and most of them are either knockoffs, or just slightly similar. A small portion (maybe 5-10%) of the earbuds that I do see are apple earbuds. I even saw one woman with an iPod nano – in pink.

Today, on the bus, not only did I see 2 people with Apple earbuds, but one of them had the clicker on it signifying an iPhone owner. All I could do was knowingly grin. iPhones are not yet officially available in Brazil. What are the odds that there would be 2 iPhones on the same bus (270 person capacity) in a country that they shouldn’t be in?


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  1. Dan said,

    August 28, 2008 at 7:57 pm

    why don’t you put your new facebook picture up here.

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