Scandal! – or – An Open Letter to Leo Laporte, CC: Steve Gibson

Hi Leo,

Apparently you don’t remember me, my name is Nate, and I did an “Audition audition” with you in October and/or November of last year. I hung out in the studio on election night, and helped out with some network issues a week or 2 later. It’s OK that you don’t remember me, afterall it was 7 or 8 months ago, and you’re a busy man. But when Dane tells you I came in a couple of times, you can trust that he’s right! Read the rest of this entry »

Meat Coma

Last night I went to a fabled brazilian barbeque restaurant and got overwhelmed with meat. For those who don’t know how it works, you sit down and waiter after waiter comes out with a huge slab of meat and cuts some off on your plate. As meny people told me, “If there is one thing you do, go to a brazilian barbeque,” I have to agree. WOW.

This morning I awoke from a meat coma, and when I went down for breakfast, all I wanted was fruit.

iPods iPhones and Gadgets oh my

Last week I had an opportunity to take a stroll through the financial district of San Francisco, and I saw a LOT of people walking around with there phone in front of them texting, or emailing, or webrowsing or somesuch. A good portion of those phones were iPhones.

Here in Curitiba I have had lots of opportunities to stroll though areas with high pedestrian traffic (the financial district is a ghost town in comparison) and while nobody holds there gadgets infront of them, I do see a lot of people with ear buds in there ears. Most of the earbuds that I see are white, but they are not Apple earbuds. Being an Apple fan, I know what they look like, and most of them are either knockoffs, or just slightly similar. A small portion (maybe 5-10%) of the earbuds that I do see are apple earbuds. I even saw one woman with an iPod nano – in pink.

Today, on the bus, not only did I see 2 people with Apple earbuds, but one of them had the clicker on it signifying an iPhone owner. All I could do was knowingly grin. iPhones are not yet officially available in Brazil. What are the odds that there would be 2 iPhones on the same bus (270 person capacity) in a country that they shouldn’t be in?

Checking in

I know I haven’t posted much in the past few days, I just haven’t been inspired. Here are a couple of completely unrelated topics:

1 – I could have sworn that in the Northern hemisphere, water goes down the drain in a counter clockwise direction. Confusingly, it appears that water goes the same way in the Southern hemisphere. Maybe I’m just crazy.

2 – Picture:

Reflections on last flight & airports

I was smart and didn’t whip out my iPhone when I was at the Brazil airports. Here are some of the things I wish that I could have posted:

The São Paulo airport is like a maze. Exiting the plane I had to walk for quite a ways to Customs where I handed over the declaration card and my passport. From there I got to bypass the baggage claim due to having a carry on and then I saw a long line to the exit, and the large Duty Free store. Sadly, I thought I was press for time to catch the next flight, so I bypassed Duty Free and went strait to the exit line which moved quite swiftly, and I found myself in the general area of the airport.

To get to the terminal, I had to pass through security again, and Read the rest of this entry »

Dawn over Brasil

I just looked up at the window on the far side of the plane to see this most beautiful dawn.

Message composed at 6:15 local time -1 hour before arrival in São Paulo. Sadly the iPhone wordpress program crashed instead of saving the picture 😦

Bumpy ride

It was kinda bumpy while we were over Fay

On second plane

Wow, either the whole plane has first class accommodations, or I got bumped up. This seat is MUCH more comfortable than the last! On the intercom I have heard English, Japanese and Portuguese.

Not much to report on the Atlanta airport. I my arrival gate was a mile from my departure gate. By the time I had gotten some food and got to the departure gate, they were already boarding.

Coincidentally, my seat is E16, and the departure date was E16.

Update: glancing forward, first class does have nicer seats than steerage, but I think I can survive overnight in this seat, unlike the last 4 hours.

Update 2: the pilot says that the flight will be 9 hours 5 minutes.

Going dark again. See you tomorrow morning!

Safely landed

In Atlanta, eating, will post more later

On board plane – going dark

I’m now seated on the plane – middle seat! Amazingly I do have knee room – just barely. The seat backs on this plane have touch screens for among other things a flight attendant calling.

The announcement just went out on the PA system that the flight will be 4:15 in length.

I’m now putting the iPhone into airplane mode. Talk to you on the other side!

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