On board plane – going dark

I’m now seated on the plane – middle seat! Amazingly I do have knee room – just barely. The seat backs on this plane have touch screens for among other things a flight attendant calling.

The announcement just went out on the PA system that the flight will be 4:15 in length.

I’m now putting the iPhone into airplane mode. Talk to you on the other side!

Safety… Video

Before takeoff there was a video talking about the obligatory airline safety procedures. No flight attendants to do the demo, just actors with insane smiles as they mimed life jacket drills.

Worse, there is no longer any complementary pillows or food! I had to pay $10 for a crappy salad.

What happened to the US airline industry?!

UPDATE: on the second flight there were complementary pillows, food and even ONE bear! Not to mention the more comfy seats as mentioned in another post.

Through Security

Is it normal that it took longer to check in than go through security theatre? The TSA people had to go through one of my bags. I guess 5 nine volt batteries made them wonder. When they asked what they were for I unthinkingly used my geek vocabulary and said “to keep my entertainment device charged over the long flight.” I saw the TSA guy’s eyebrow go up when I said “device”. I should have said iPod. Gladly he let me through. Flight leaves in 3 hours an 15 minutes.

UPDATE: in-flight materials say that batteries are supposed to be unopened when they go through security. I guess the TSA guy really did let me off easy. He should have made me discard the batteries!

And the adventure begins

Stardate: 5:30 in the freaking morning.

I have set up wordpress on the iPhone. I’m about to go get stuck in rush hour traffic so I can get to the airport 3 hours before takeoff. I hope I didn’t forget anything!

Hmm… How do I post this?

3 days!

I leave on friday. I’m so excited! 😀 😀 😀 😀


Western Hemisphere with a line from San Francisco to Curitiba

I’m going on a trip to Brazil to meet a friend in less than a week. I’m going to give her my old iBook and help her get acquainted with her new computador. I’m also going to enjoy the local sites and life in general in south America. I’m going to fly into Curitiba via São Paulo via Atlanta from San Francisco for a total of XXX miles. The longest leg is going to be 4646 miles, my second longest plane ride (the longest would be San Francisco to Rome at 6279 miles). The shortest leg will be 223 miles.


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Hello world!

Well, I’ve finally done it. I’ve started a blog and I’m not even hosting it.

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